‘The House of Magic’ in Macau, China.

I had never performed in Asia until I got a call from the producers of ‘The House of Magic’ in Macau, China.

Macau is considered ‘Las Vegas of Asia’. A modern and luxury city full of amazing Hotels and Casinos. Inside of one of them, Studio City, magic superstar Franz Harary has created one of the coolest places on earth when it comes to the art of Magic.

‘The house of Magic’ is a venue where you can see 4 magic shows performed by some of the greatest magicians of the moment.

You will be welcomed by a magician performing some magic up close while you get into the venue, then you will go to the first theatre, where a 15 minutes show on stage will occur, followed by visiting another theatre and seeing another 15 minutes by another magic star. Finishing the experience by a 40 minutes show of mega illusions performed by the star himself, Franz Harary.

I was honored to be performing my show nearly 300 times at that great place. Sharing the venue with big stars of magic and living in China it is an experience I will never forget.

Check out this promo of ‘The House of Magic’:

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